Oppo BDP-83 combo Blu-Ray, SACD and DVD-A player ships!

blu-ray-bdp-83_leftangle_hr July 07, 2009

 The much anticipated Oppo BDP-83 combo blu-ray player with SACD and DVD-Audio has officially shipped! 

Oppo’s players are well known in the videophile community and are highly regarded for their ability to play and upconvert SD content with very few issues.  The Oppo DV-983H DVD player for example was the first player to ever score a perfect 100 on the rigorous stress test used at, “The Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity” website.  

One of the reasons for the huge interest in this product stems in part from the high visibility that this product received during the late stages of development and testing.  Oppo released hundreds of units to randomly selected users as part of an “early adopter program”, the early adopters then helped to test the product and provide descriptions of bugs.  The comments from the users was posted publicly and discussed in a thread on AVS Forum.  The product was not released for sale until a majority of users in the EAP agreed that it was ready for prime time.  I had hopes of being one of those selected during the EAP program, but unfortunately luck was not with me as I wasn’t one of those selected so I did not receive my unit until a few days ago.   

Another reason for the interest in this product is because of it’s relatively low price tag of $500 which is a bargain considering that the only other universal SACD, DVD-A and BD player on the market (the Denon DVD-A1UDCI) has a MSRP of $4,500.

After just a few days of using the BDP-83 a few things have become apparent:

  • This player is very fast to load and play and is among the fastest BD players.
  • The quality of deinterlacing and upconverting is very good as it uses the well known and mature anchor bay technology chipset.
  • The remote is excellent with backlighting and many direct keys.
  • Since it supports DVD-A, SACD and BD formats, it’s a perfect match for older pre-pros that lack HDMI audio input connectors but have a single block of 7.1/5.1 analog inputs like my venerable Lexicon MC-12B. 

So far the video performance seems excellent, but I’m still in the process of evaluating the audio performance.  The guys at The Secrets website have posted an outstanding review however, so you can read the details here.   In addition there are several useful threads over at AVS and they can be found below:

Official BDP-83 Owner’s Thread

BDP-83 vs other BD Player Thread

The unit can be purchased direct from Oppo here




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